This page provides information by external stakeholders, including research funders, professional associations and others, relating to good research practice towards National Key Result Area research activities. We would like to thank the Malaysia Ministry of Education for the finical support.



PRGS/1/2015/SSI07/UITM/03/1 Advanced Digital Design Prototyping For Manufacturing of Exclusive Wood Carving Furniture Products.


600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (122/2014) Malay Designist Entrepreneurship Theory

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (125/2014) Vision, Mind & Psychomotor Drawing Theory

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (128/2014) Islamic Metaphor Design Theory

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (130/2014) Bio-Mimicry Method In Furniture Design Model


600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (183/2013) Methodological Insight Malay Traditional ‘Tebar Layar’ Expand High Temperature Stoneware Ventilation Concept

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (168/2013) Braille Iconic Groups-Points Configuration Theory

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (163/2013) Durability Of Biomaterial In Jewellery Design

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (162/2013) Mobile Education Game Design Framework

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (158/2013) Print Indentification And Characterization Of Digital And Conventional Printouts


KPT.R.100-4/2/31/5 Jld.2 (49),  Projek Keusahawanan Sosial UiTM: Program Rumah Gemilang

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (200/2012) Advance Malay Mathematical Ceramic Pattern Design Theory

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (199/2012) Collaborative Malay Conceptual Wudhu’ Tub Future Trends

600-RMI/RAGS 5/3 (171/2012) Standardized Offset Lithography Print Quality

600-RMI/ERGS 5/3 (75/2012) Advanced Walet Template Nest Form Design Using Modified High Temperature Stoneware

600-RMI/ERGS 5/3 (74/2012) Dynamic Visual Reminiscent Theraphy Theory In Alzheimer Psychosocial Treatment

600-RMI/ERGS 5/3 (68/2012) The Attractiveness And Situation Command To Design Approach In Malaysian Automotive Design

600-RMI/FRGS 5/3 (117/2012) Andalusian Mathematical Design Model In Malay Islamic Pattern