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Research Initiative Entity Grant



Excellent Fund

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (728/2012) Molecular Tessellation Theory From Planar Molecule For Islamic Geometric Design

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (726/2012) Ethical Values In Malay Woodcarving A Case Study Of Wan Mustaffa Wan Su’s Work

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (704/2012) The Corporate Image for Public Bus Service

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (703/2012) Portrayal of Malay Women Through Advertisement in Malaysian Magazine

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (481/2012) Muwajjah Decorations As A New Dimension In The Quran Value From The Perspective Of Malay World

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (472/2012) An Investigation On Vision, Mind & Psychomotor In Drawing

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (340/2012) Conceptual Ablution Ergonomic Design & Facility For Mosque

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (338/2012) Digital Visual Aid On Basic Counting Skills For Autism Students Development

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (335/2012) Mobile Game Technology As A Educational Tool To Engage Students Learning Development

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (334/2012) Synthetic Material Of Baggase(Sugarcane Fiber) As An Alternative Matrix Relief Print Block

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (244/2012) Formgiving Characteristics In Automotive Design

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (243/2012) Malay Conceptual Wudhu’ Tub

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (242/2012) An Image Identification And Characterization Between Digital And Conventional Printouts

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (241/2012) The Design Of The Domestic Heat Sink-Lamp Using Advanced Stoneware Body

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (240/2012) Extended Luminescence Theory In Glazed Labu Sayong

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (239/2012) Reshuffling Artificial Reef Design As “Submerged Breakwater” For Heavy Current Impact Through Ceramic Structural

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (238/2012) The Influence Of Micro-Mullite Particle In Porcelain Tile

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (236/2012) Superconducting Film Ceramic Treatment Surmounted Warpage Theory

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/RIF (235/2012) The Fundamental Of Keris Design Structure For Malay Regalia

600-RMI/DANA 5/3/CG (7/2012) Conceptual Model in Designing a Visual Application for Mental Therapy: Focusing on Muslim Bipolar Disorder (Depression) Patients

600-RMI/ST/DANA 5/3/Dst (47/2011) Marble Dust Incorporate In Standard Local Ceramic Body As A Strength Enhancement In Sanitary Ware Products

600-RMI/ST/DANA 5/3/Dst (437/2011) Exploitation Of Palm Oil Waste As A Natural Filter Enhancing The Strength Of Ceramic Body