The research team of Formgiving Design Research Group has contributes and organizing several local conference hosted and technically co-sponsored by IEEE Malaysia Section, IEEE Malaysia under the Industrial Electronics & Industrial Applications Joint Chapter. The theme of the conference was Trans-disciplinary in conjunction between science, arts, design technology and humanities. The management of design has arguably never played such an important role as it does today, as changes to the industry and social environment call design to the vanguard. The quantity of academician writing on the design research topic has grown voluminously since 2008, both in terms of popular design activities. Yet the attention accorded to the topic within top-tier academic publications has been scant and the exactitude of the research needs. We believed that the quality of the submissions to this conference reflects this goal and signals a move towards a higher level of academic objectivity. The introductory of i-CADER and ISRADH in 2014 brings a new platform for  researchers from arts, design and humanities sharing findings, opinions even new research direction for future.

Please refer the link to download the proceedings.