What is Formgiving Design?

In the design process, the most crucial part in making the product appearance outstanding is during form creation. Form in design means to shape or mould a particular model into a certain state or shape.

For more than 20 years, the word formgiving or form-giving has been commonly used in Scandinavian countries. According to the Norwegian dictionary, the meaning of “formgivning” or “formgjeving” is fashioning, molding: industrial design. Previously, most of the design authors used the word “shaping” in the same meaning as formgiving. Moreover, available Standard English dictionaries or Malay dictionaries do not interpret the meaning of formgiving. But yet, it seems that the use of the word formgiving has become popular among many design authors when discussing design practice.

Formgiving, when used in design, relates sometimes to a specific phase in the design process: the part in which a solution-principle is developed into a materialized design. Here, the emphasis is on the embodiment; the determination of form and material, as well as the process of bringing both in line with each other.


What we do?

Formgiving Design Research Group is a research entity.

From side to side of design methodologies in research, we explore and examine formgiving design aspects of object or artifact that provide theoretical and practical guidelines, models and tools across a range of design disciplines and spatial design.

We work in partnership with industry, academia and public bodies in Malaysia and worldwide.

Projects are funded by research grants, industry investment and through our own resources. We also incorporate our projects with postgraduate studies programs for the mutual benefit of students, researchers, designers, users and manufacturers.