Project Title: Islamic Metaphor Design Theory

Project Description: This research explores the notion that metaphorical form representation is fundamentally a process of the embodied mind. Traditional design methodology recommends that design should be moved from concrete problem descriptions to an abstract solution model. The abstract models are then developed towards concrete solutions via functional principles and principle structures. The objectives of this study are: (i) to uncover how designers interpret metaphorical form based on Islamic influences, (ii) to understand the influence of incremental radical design that changes respective top receding designs, and (iii) to confirm the similarities of characteristics of metaphorical form representation in the context of syntactic that can be generalized as a brand and identity for Islamic product design. This theory will benefit local designer and researcher to further study by exploring it to other field of research.

Source of Funding: Ministry of Education (RAGS)

Project Duration: January 2015 till June 2016 / 18 Months

Monthly Wages: RM1,100.00

Location: Formgiving Design Research Lab

Benefits of the project (not limited to):

  • Attending local conference(s)
  • Pursuing Master in Art & Design (By Research).
  • Student with Master’s Degree can enroll in UiTM PhD program.


  • Design and experiment on Verbal Protocol Analysis related to computer vision in order to solve the Islamic Metaphor Product Design. Some algorithms involve the application of concepts in statistic and linear algebra.
  • Implementation of design prototype using AutoCAD/Solidwork/3DMax/StudioTools.
  • Research publication


  • Bachelor's degree with honors in Art & Design, preferably majoring in Product Design
  • CGPA of 2nd class and above
  • Excellent command in written and oral English.
  • Proactive and able to carry out research independently. Enjoy designing works.


Interested applicants are requested to submit their resumes (with reference) through email to the Project Coordinator below. All queries regarding the project are welcomed.


Shahriman Zainal Abidin, 

Research Project Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Application Deadline: Closed