Project Title: Vision, Mind & Psychomotor Drawing Theory

Project Description: The process of learning and designing through the adaptation of taxonomy guidelines on education planning system. Effective planning of schedule is a major concern since the significant can be seen on the projects outcome. The understanding on visualization concept itself and process flow planning especially the subjective manner in creative industry is so fundamental. Development process is very crucial to the young artist and designers in higher learning education as the process need to resemble to real practices. Apparently, today there have been so many discussions on the sustainability of knowledge gained in the higher learning; whether it is align to comply with the needs of the real life industry involved with art and design.This study focuses on improving the visualization brief planning and management through adapting process of psychomotor within the particular context of an art fundamental approaches in higher learning. Drawing knowledge, skill and human behavior is a keyword to embark with new method and process of individual which new formula in development approaches will bring into practice.. Key feature in visualization planning’s align to the needs of the industry and this practice will suit with any challenge faced by young artist or designer as practitioner.

Source of Funding: Ministry of Education (RAGS)

Project Duration: January 2015 till June 2016 / 18 Months

Monthly Wages: RM1,100.00

Location: Formgiving Design Research Lab

Benefits of the project (not limited to):

     Attending local conference(s)

     Pursuing Master in Art & Design (By Research).

     Student with Master’s Degree can enroll in UiTM PhD program.


     Conducting video observation, survey, interview with any relevant parties such academician; practitioner artist, and gallery management.

     Analyzing art activities include the development or progression of subject studies.

     Research publication.


     Bachelor's degree with honors in Art & Design, preferably majoring in Fine Art

     CGPA of 2nd class and above

     Excellent command in written and oral English.

     Proactive and able to carry out research independently. Enjoy designing works.


Interested applicants are requested to submit their resumes (with reference) through email to the Project Coordinator below. All queries regarding the project are welcomed.


Rusmadiah Anwar,

Research Project Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Application Deadline: 15 December 2014