Project Title: Malay Designist Entrepreneurship Theory

Project Description: The mission of the National Economic Policy to achieve the target of 30% share of the economy for the Bumiputras is the fundamental problem of this study. This is followed by the issues of unemployment among the Malays.  The objectives are to investigate the factors which enable good practice to exist in selected motivational training modules related to Arts Entrepreneurship to develop an Arts Entrepreneurship motivational training modules in the field of art & Design for Malays. It is expected that the motivational training module which is specifically design for the Malays would be able to create awareness, motivate and encourage them to success as art and design entrepreneurs. I strongly belief that it will also increase employment opportunities, facilitate the growth of art entrepreneurs for the creative industry and uplifting aim to have 30% control of the nation’s economy managed by the Bumiputeras through the NEP will be a reality.

Source of Funding: Ministry of Education (RAGS)

Project Duration: December 2014 till November 2015 / 12 Months

Monthly Wages: RM1,100.00

Location: Formgiving Design Research Lab

Benefits of the project (not limited to):

     Attending local conference(s)

     Pursuing Master in Art & Design (By Research).

     Student with Master’s Degree can enroll in UiTM PhD program.


     Conducting survey, interview with any relevant parties such academician; local entrepreneur, and government body include research alliance.

     Documenting entrepreneurship project include coordinating participant or respondent involvements during the implementation of project.

     Research publication


     Bachelor's degree with honors in Art & Design in any field.

     CGPA of 2nd class and above

     Excellent command in written and oral English.

     Proactive and able to carry out research independently. Enjoy designing works.


Interested applicants are requested to submit their resumes (with reference) through email to the Project Coordinator  below. All queries regarding the project are welcomed.


Rusmadiah Anwar,

Research Project Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Application Deadline: Closed