The FORMGIVING DESIGN RESEARCH GROUP publishes the proceedings of its events in the form of CD’s distributed to attendees of the events. In practice, the proceeding will be published by Springer and available for purchase through Springer and other on-line retailers. Where the Group endorses events it comes to agreement with the organizers of the events for the papers to be available on this web site.

Where the copyright is not owned by the Research Group Members then it is not possible to offer the papers to non-members. In addition to papers the Group is developing a number of other resources that will be of value to those interested in the study of design, including sample of PhD and Master’s theses.

The concept of the conference was TRANS-DISCIPLINARY! It brought together over 150 delegates from across the world involved in art and design education research. The conference provided an opportunity for researchers to share the interesting contributions and the state-of-the-arts from the social sciences case studies.

The number of papers published available is listed and link to the publisher database. The contributions were indexed by Scopus, ISI Thomson, Google Scholar and other indexing bodies.